Calendar Girls Strip Clubs New Zealand Review

For a night of unforgettable man type moments, the Calendar Girls Strip Club is the venue to visit. It’s also a good club for the girl’s also. The clubs has three main branches in New Zealand. They are in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. At each venue, the most beautiful girls in the country dance and serve you with a smile on their dial. There are also some beauties with international origins on hand to entertain you, well as long as your handing out a few bucks of course 🙂

The venue is tastefully furnished. Plush and luxurious materials line the seats, walls and counters. Everything from the drinks on offer to the music being played hints at the high class nature of the club. To make things even more saucy it can provide extra services as per your requests. Guests can even enjoy using some VIP cards. Read on to learn more about the venues below or check out this other strip club called Mermaids here.

Special services on offer for you

At each branch of the Calendar Girls Strip Club, there are some special services which are extended to you. Examples of these are erotic porn shows, toy shows and lap dances. Furthermore, the venue has a Strip-o-gram circuit where you can enjoy sultry, sensuous seduction from professional dancers.

Amenities on offer

Your needs and wants are catered to in full at this club. The Calendar Girls Strip Club sits on multiple floors. Downstairs, the venue has a sports bar that is stocked with an enviable collection of drinks behind the counter. A gaming room is situated to one side. Within, you can find 18 gaming machines ready to make you rich enough for a few lap dances (well if luck’s on your side).

The venue is also decked out with a trio of HDMI TVs. In addition to that, there is one main, huge screen available for your entertainment. The fun doesn’t stop there. On every Thursday to Saturday, the beautiful dancers gyrate seductively wearing only lingerie upon raised podiums. As such, you can enjoy the great view from any section in the club.

In the upper level of the venue, there is an exclusive Gentlemen’s Club. Furnished with soft, supple leather that drips with decadence, it is an excellent spot when you can simply relax. The dancers here sway all around you creating an atmosphere that’s heavy with excitement and erotic pleasure. At the Calendar Girls Strip Club, they spare no effort in delivering a truly five star adult entertainment experience.

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Strip-o-gram amenities

  • Full Nude Strip package

The Calendar Girls Strip Club has a collection of special packages that are organized into a Strip-o-gram. One of these is known as the Full Nude Strip. In this package, you get to enjoy a lap dance or a body slide. You can also enjoy a shaving foam show. This package lasts for between 3 and 4 songs and costs $400.

  • Bondage package

Another excellent one is the Bondage package which is not for the lightweights that’s for sure. This particular amenity delivers an eclectic experience. The guest of honor gets to be ridden by a dancer while having their behind whipped. After that, they get a satisfying body slide with shaving foam. The Bondage mood is facilitated by a collection of candles. It lasts for 4 songs and costs $450.

  • The Nude Strip with a Toy or Pearls

In this package, a single dancer will entertain you with a collection of pearls or a toy. With all her attention fixed upon you, she will explicitly entertain to deliver complete sensual satisfaction. The routine will also involve an arousing lap dance and body slide. This will quickly be followed with getting lathered in shaving foam or ice.

If you are comfortable with it, the dancer can even use the pearls or toy on you. Calendar Girls Strip Club guarantees that this will create a world of pleasure which you will remember for a long time to come. The Nude Strip with a Toy or Pearls is ideal for stag nights, birthday parties or Christmas parties. For $500, you can enjoy this experience over the length of 4 songs.

  • Girl on Girl action

If you’re in search of something just a little naughtier, you can request the Girl on Girl action package. Rated XXX, this show involves a pair of some seductive beauties lusciously dancing with each other. This package is guaranteed to get your blood flowing and the party going. Throughout the length of 5 songs, you can enjoy personalized attention from the girls. They will even perform some body slides upon you. For $800, you can enjoy this mesmerizing experience.

  • The XXX Rated Toy Show

Designed to arouse and gratify in the most erotic ways, the XXX Rated Toy Show is a perfect way to spice up your evening. It is performed by a pair of beauties playing with a double ender toy for your viewing pleasure. You can enjoy close up performance by the girls including some slow and salacious body slides. This package lasts for 5 songs and costs $1,000.

Promotional amenities

If you host a private party at the Calendar Girls Strip Club, you can order a promotional amenity to keep your guests entertained. There are various types of packages on offer for this purpose. Moreover, each has a minimum length of 2 hours.

  • Skimpy Attire package

The Skimpy Attire package is ideal for stag do’s and boat cruises. It provides a collection of hostesses dressed ever so skimpily. They are led by an assertive hostess who guides them around your party and keeps your most amorous friends in check. It costs $80 per hour.

  • Bikini Hostess

Few outfits get your spirits up like a bikini. In this package, you can have some sexy bikini-clad ladies serving drinks and treats in your private party. They mix and mingle with your guests while flirting away. The Bikini Hostess package costs $150 per hour.

  • Lingerie Hostess

If you want to take things in your party a notch higher, this is the package to pick. The hostesses in this one are dressed in lacy lingerie as they serve your guests. Leaving little to the imagination, the Lingerie Hostess package costs $180 per hour.

  • Topless Hostess

Guaranteed to set your party on fire, this package takes your pleasure to a much higher level. A bevy of beautiful hostesses will wait on your party while wearing sexy bottoms and nothing else. This package is perfect for stag parties and costs $220 per hour.

**Above prices and offerings subject to change – check their site for the latest info**

Great local pokies in Auckland

If you get tired of looking at all the hot girls you can take a break on any one of the 18 pokies machines that Calendar Girls has available.

Entry cost fee Calendar Girls

You get free entry before 10pm and free entry all night on Tuesday. Outside these hours or days the entry is only about $20.00.


Offering adult entertainment of Roman proportions, the Calendar Girls Strip Club is the perfect place to relax and be treated like a king. Featuring only the most beautiful and curvaceous girls, it delivers a perfect combination of pleasure, drink and fun. To arrange a show or for other inquiries, the club’s management is accessible by calling phone # 274475748 or sending an email to [email protected]. Their main office is located at Naval and Family Hotel Building, Level One 243 Karangahape Road.

Opening hours Calender Girls

The establishments are open from Tuesday to Saturday from 7.00pm to 5.00am.




Map and address

Calendar Girls
243 Karangahape Rd, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

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