Cobb & Co. Restaurants & Saloons New Zealand Review

With a footprint covering the entire territory of New Zealand, the Cobb & Co. Restaurants and Saloons provides food and drink in a warm, inviting atmosphere, some venues even have some terrific pokies gaming rooms. The chain of restaurants has outlets in various towns and cities all over the North and South Islands.

There are outlets in Dunedin, Invercargill, Rotorua and Whakatane. Some other locations where you can find a Cobb & Co. restaurant include, Taupo, Tauranga, New Plymouth and Levin. Each one provides guests with enticing menus, promotions and entertainment. Here is more about this restaurant chain right below.

Menu, Pokies & About The Cobb & Co. Restaurants and Saloons

At all outlets of the Cobb & Co. Restaurant and Saloon, guests can enjoy tasty meals prepared in the homestyle way. The outlets cater to singles, couples and even families. You can pick from the various menus which are available. Examples of these are the dinner, dessert, seniors and kids menus.

The kids menu contains dishes such as Cobb crunchies, cheerios with mash, nachos, chicken tenders, chips and the junior roast. The dinner menu is quite extensive. Within, you can find starters such as the shrimp cocktail and buffalo wings. After that, you can pick out some Cobb classic dishes such as the best lamb shank, chicken alexander and the hoover hog.

The hallmark dinner dish is the Angus Prime cut beef steak. You can order a sirloin 250g, Scotch 300g or even the big boy rump 400g steak. If you only want something light, you can pick one of the home style dishes such as coconut chicken or the delish beer battered fish and chips. The establishment serves a collection of amazing burgers such as the heartland, coach and classic chicken burger. Desserts take the form of the apple crumble pie, pavlova like Mum makes or the chocolate indulgence.

Menu Sample – Tip ! Try the Amazing Chicken BLT.

The Pokies available at Cobb & Co.

Pokies are available at three of the Cobb & Co. venues: Dunedin has 9 pokies, Whakatane has 18 pokies and the New Plymouth location has 18 pokies.

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Origin of the group

Cobb & Co. Restaurant and Saloon began in the pioneering days of New Zealand. Each outlet still has that charming, classic, Kiwi ambiance. In 1860, there was word that the hills in Otago had large deposits of gold. This led to a gold rush that brought explorers, miners and immigrant gold-diggers to the hills.

Thanks to the influx of people in the area, there was need for stagecoaches. To satisfy this need, the founder of Cobb & Co sought to provide this service. For 6 decades, the establishment provided these stagecoaches. In 1924, the motorcar replaced the stagecoach and business waned. Instead of fading into the sunset, Cobb & Co. reinvented itself as a bar and restaurant.

The explorers and new settlers could now pop in for a drink and a bite at a convenient location. The initial outlet kept growing and today, there is a chain of bars and restaurants all over New Zealand bearing the Cobb & Co. brand name. A must visit group of venues for consistent food quality at great prices.

Promotions at the establishment

At the Cobb & Co. Restaurant and Saloon outlets, guests can enjoy a collection of promotions. An example of such is the Valentine’s Day meal. After booking a table at any one of the Cobb & Co. outlets, you can enjoy a voucher worth $100 on this special day.


The Cobb & Co. Restaurant and Saloon outlets embody the spirit of New Zealand. They are built using stone from the high country areas, timber from the forested spots and decorated with colors inspired by the Kiwi landscape. To experience the great food options, you can simply step into the closest Cobb & Co. outlet near you.

Opening hours

The venues are open 7 days – refer to the website for exact times at each location.


Phone 7 281 1197


Map and address

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