Apollo Rising

The Apollo Rising slot machine game is an interactive, entertaining online experience with 5 columns and 8 rows. Players are thrust into a space-themed world of stars, comets, and spacemen, placing wagered bets in the hopes of big payouts or rewarding bonuses. This poker machine game is easy to play and adjustable, making it fun for slot machine enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Apollo Rising IGT Free Slot Machine Review

The payline is not adjustable and is automatically set at 100. This means players have a high chance of scoring on each spin, but for those players who prefer to take games slowly, this may cause a slight issue. Luckily for those who enjoy a more fast-paced game, this automated high payline means most spins will at least come close to delivering payouts.

Bets, however, are adjustable, with the lowest bet being 100 coins, players can customize their bets upwards, going from 200 to 300, then maxing at 500.

Getting started playing

  • With a starting balance of 1000 coins, any of these options is sure to diminish your coins quite quickly.
  • However, with the high paying, payouts should come fairly freely, meaning players can enjoy at least some decent game time, while luckier gamblers could be kept playing for a long time.
  • Auto spins is another option some players may prefer to utilize if they desire, with the computer able to play either 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 spins automatically.

Payouts to look for

  • Payouts in Apollo Rising’ are not as big as in some other online slot machine games, but lucky players should still be satisfied with the coins they see coming into their balance.
  • The spaceman will score players the highest payout, from 50 to 300 coins, while the spacewoman will still pay fairly generously, from 40 to 200 coins.
  • The space animals will also provide a steady drip of coin into the gamblers balance, from 20 to 150 coins should 5 appear on a screen.
  • Letters and numbers, as is usual in online poker games, score slightly less, 8 being the lowest should a player score three nines, and 80 the highest should a gambler land 5 A’s on a screen.
  • These fairly standard payout amounts provide a solid and steady game play, and though not extravagant should keep players happy for the majority of their experience.

Bonuses that wow

  • The most unique and entertaining feature of Apollo Rising’ is called the Rising Respins Feature. This bonus feature, which occurs when Wild Cards appear on the screen, means symbols remain wild throughout a number of free respins rewarded to the player.
  • These respins can carry on for quite a long time, as additional symbols mean more and more spins are added to the player’s reserve, allowing for great, fun, interactive bonus time should a lucky gambler score a long streak with this interesting and entertaining feature.

Our rating overall

The Apollo Rising’ online slot machine is a rewarding, easy to play, and enjoyable online experience. With the space age theme providing fun graphics, characters, and symbols for the player to spin through, this game rewards patient gamblers with a variety of payout options, as well as of course a number of entertaining game bonuses.

The Rising Respins feature offers some variety of game features to online pokie machine enthusiasts, as it is a new and unique feature not very often seen in online poker machine games. This game is not found in land casinos so you can only enjoy it online for free IGT pokies fun or real play at select casinos on the net.

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