Cleopatra Plus

The Cleopatra Plus free online poker machine game is a fun, interactive online game full of themed characters, bright graphics and easy, adjustable game play. Players spin their way through various Egyptian symbols hoping for some bonuses or big payouts.

With a variety of unique bonus features, this IGT online slot machine game is ideal for those looking to spice up their gaming or take a break from regular, more traditional slot machines. If you like this pokie you might like the original free Cleopatra slot here.

Cleopatra Plus Free Online IGT Slot

  • The paylines is set at 40, which is not as high as some other slot machine games but is still fairly good for players chances, especially considering we are only paying five slots per turn. Bets, though, are adjustable and can range from the pre-set amount of 40 coins, through to 80, 120, 200, 400 and then 800.
  • This higher amount would be risky considering players are given a starting balance of 1000 coins, but for those feeling lucky they can play as high as their balance allows.
  • There is also, of course, the option for auto-spin, useful for gamblers who may like the game on in the background of other online activity.
  • Players can set the auto spin to play 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 spins automatically after pre-setting their bet amount. This makes for customizable and enjoyable game play overall.

Pay-outs of note

  • The basic payouts range from 10 to 1500 coins. The most desirable symbols are the Cleopatra Plus, which pays out from 50 to 1500 coins.
  • The mummified Egyptian symbols, including a cow, a goat, and a dog, pay from 20 to 75, to a decent 400 coins should a lucky player land five in the slots.
  • Furthermore, what is portrayed as relics offer steady payouts to the player, ranging from the relatively low 10 coins to a more generous deliverance of 300 Letters and numbers, as is typical in slot machine games, pay the lowest amount, from 2 coins to the highest amount of 75.

Bonuses explained

  • A unique feature of Cleopatra Plus is the opportunity to gain levels. Players start at the lowest tier of 8, called Chosen By Aset.
  • They can then climb up the ladder with the aim of achieving the level of Glorious Soul of Aset.
  • Gamblers gain levels by earning followers. These are earned through bonus symbols, being pharaohs.
  • Out of three bonus symbols, players can earn either 1,2, or 3 followers. Fifty followers are needed for a player to level up.
  • This interesting and slightly complex bonus feature really differentiates Cleopatra Plus from other games.
  • Only the most patient and determined players are likely to be able to continue playing this game for a long time, as the Aset levels are fairly hard to gain, though higher followers are attainable through special combinations.
  • But, as the Glorious Soul of Aset’ eight-tier requires 1250 followers, this will prove a real challenge to players used to quicker, more traditional online pokie machine games.

Cleopatra Plus summary

Clepoatra Plus offers a different, more challenging take on the online slot machine world. With a wide array of bonus features integrating directly into the game, players will be put to the test in the hopes of not only gaining big payouts but earning followers. Reaching the top tier in Cleopatra Plus will be an impressive feat, and an interesting one to see should anyone conquer it.

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