Free version online slot game CSI

Crime Scene Investigation, an online pokies game by IGT inspired by the television drama CSI is famous among the suspense and thriller enthusiasts of crime shows. It’s a 5-reel, 20 pay line slot machine with a variety of striking features including pictures of the main actor characters on the reels. The character symbols may vary for different versions of the game online or land casino based, based on CSI, Miami, and CSI New York. Other symbols on the reel consist of cameras, the CSI logo, handcuffs, DNA sequencing, police badges and fingerprint powder & brush.

With just spinning of the reels, this wonderful game let the users enjoy adventures as well as wins. The game is perfect to offer a detective experience with investigating crime scenes, cross-examining suspects and solving fascinating CSI cases right on the reels of a slot machine.

About the CSI TV Show

Right now, the TV show has several hundred million viewers  translated in scores of different languages, it’s considered to be one of the leading crime shows in the world that’s been running since the year 2000.

Crime Scene Investigation offers the actual view of the life of investigators who try to catch the crooks. Assisted by the knowledge and experience of solving crimes like murders, the team of investigators explores different crime scenes to search out multiple clues, providing them a support in resolving the crime case.

In the TV show, the professional team also works with the local law enforcement departments in the quest for justice to the deceased victims. While solving crimes, they also face certain legal issues in their ways forward to a final case conclusion and arrest of the crooks.

Getting started CSI free slots game

  • To simplify the play, the game is featured with streamlined controls. And, four green buttons are available on each side of playing reels space to active 1, 5, 10, 15 and 20 pay lines. There are total 20 pay lines available in the game.
  • Right below the playing reels, there are two main widgets: a message marquee and the evidence progress bar which gather symbols as player roll-up indication toward the bonus. At the bottom of the screen, there are two information widgets and five controls.
  • There is also a blue color Paytable button which activates the maneuverable help screen system. For exiting such sort of screens, just click the spin button.
  • Lines, Auto, Bet Per Line,- these are three gold buttons to activate dialog menu which allows the players to choose the value that they want to fix. Like, pick a figure from automatic spins. In order to pick abort conditions for auto spins, simply click plus symbol. For closing the menu options, click minus tab. And, to negate the auto spins choice process, click auto tab again.
  • For changing the number of active pay lines, click the Lines button and double-click, to cancel.
  • Entire bet information widget displays how much a player will have to pay for a spin.

Payout & wagering information

  • On each pay line, players can place around one-cent bets along with 20 lines and 40 multi denominational credits. While talking about the maximum bets, these can be relatively high. And, bet limit will begin at minimum $0.01 and maximum $5 for each line.
  • The big wins of the likes of DB Russell symbol can get you $50.00 for 5 of a kind.

Wins for the different symbols

  • CSI lets the player pick the cast and play the slots. Get the benefit of the feature named Trace Evidence bonus.
  • It will get activated when a player land on the flash light symbol or trace evidence. The game console’s light gets dim and player discovers the extra wild symbols.
  • The player wins credit points for each clue he picks, this ultimately gets added to his score.
  • After this, next bonus round comes which is the crime lab. When the player has at least three clues from the crime scene, he has probabilities to win more credits prior to returning to the consistent spins. To increase the multiplier value, the player has to get the DNA symbol on his free spin.
  • If the three crime scene photographs will be in sequence in the machine reels, then Crime Scene Pick bonus will trigger. Practically, the fingerprints found at crime scene, if a match with the one in the database then the player can visit the crime scene in order to find out evidence and fingerprints.
  • Tap the screen with fingers to choose different regions of the crime scene. Once you tap, all your credits will light up – yeay!

Bonus features

  • Crime scene bonus rounds offered by CSI allow the players to pick clues and solve dreadful murders. Each clue is associated with the random cash prize. With this bonus, players can unlock free spins as criminal evidence is being traced. Players also enjoy trace evidence bonuses which enables them to hunt using clues that arise on the board. Such sort of clues rewards the players with multipliers and bonuses.
  • The crime scene pick bonus is prompted if a player obtains three crime scene pictures on the reel. Using this particular feature, the player can scan the fingerprints that he found at the site of crime and also discover the database for matching purpose. If he gets a match, he can go to the crime scene for searching more fingerprints and evidence. Player also needs to choose multiple areas of crime scene by tapping by clicking on the game screen.

Game summary

Overall, it’s an amazing game to play. But Players need to be mindful to solve the crime case otherwise they won’t get a win 🙁

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