IGT Wolf Run Slots

The Wolf Run online poker machine game is an enjoyable online experience in which players spin through a fairly standard slot machine experience. Focusing on a North American theme, this game offers the opportunity for big payouts, bonus features, and an interactive and overall fun experience for seasoned players as well as newcomers to the online gaming world.

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IGT Wolf Run Free Online Slot Machine Game Review

The payline is adjustable to the players desired amount. Options begin at 1, then go to 5, 10, 20, 30, and 40. 40 is the recommend paying for what is described as maximum action. This essentially means that players have more chance of scoring a pattern of symbols as there are more lines to be made.

Though not as high as some other online slot machine games where pay lines can be set as high as 100, the 40 line game is enjoyable for those who like to bet high and risk their chances and suits the template of the simulation.

Betting action

  • Bets can be placed with options ranging from 40, 80, 120, 200, 400, all the way up to 800 for the pokies high rollers.
  • This, of course, changes as ones balance increases or diminishes, but with a starting coin amount of 1000, players should be able to plan their game out and bet according to their own strategy, a useful feature when gaming online.
  • Wolf Run also comes with the option of Auto Spin for players who either like to let the computer do the work or who may want the game on in the background.
  • Gamblers can instruct the game to play either 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 spins automatically, but still, retain the same chances as they would should they spin each goes manually.

Payouts and bonuses

  • Payouts range from symbol to symbol as they do in all online slot machine games. There is potential to win big, and also to get fairly small payouts that just keep the game running.
  • The Wolf howling at the moon gets players the biggest payout ranging from minimum 50 to maximum 1000 coins, while the black or white wolf rewards the lucky gambler with either 25, 100, or 400 coins depending on whether 3, 4 or 5 images appear on the slots respectively.
  • The special relics will also award fairly decent payouts ranging from 20 to 75, to a very generous 250 should a gamer land 5.
  • Letters and number scoreless, as usual, with payouts ranging from 5 to 20, to the maximum of 150.

Free spins hardly worth the mention

  • Wolf Run also features bonus cards, in which a gambler wins two times their total bet as well as a pathetic five free spins is won, which is sure to not put a spring in the step of the player.
  • Wild Cards too can substitute for any symbols except the Bonus, leading to higher and more significant payouts.

Summary thoughts

Wolf Run is an entertaining online slot machine game to be enjoyed by either those who frequent the online poker websites or newcomers to the game looking for an introduction.

The basic game template, spiced up with Bonus Cards and Wild Cards, lead the player through fun events and the chance to win big on a graphic filled, absorbing and entertaining game background, enhanced with effects to make the game play experience enjoyable for all those who play it.

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