Rocket Man

The Rocket Man Online Poker Machine game brings the science fiction world of Rocket Man to life. Featuring characters from the film, easily adjustable game play, futuristic layouts and graphics and brilliant payout offer, this game is sure to entertain online pokies machine game fans and casual players alike from New Zealand.

Rocket Man Slots Free Play Guide

Players start with a generous 1,000 credits and are able to immediately begin play. Rocket Man has some of the most favorable options of pay lines in the online slot machine world, with 1, 10, 25, 50, and a whopping 99 being the options.

Playing with the payline at 99 is a treat, as more often than not at least some reward is delivered to the gambler, as there are so many options for payouts. A gamer who likes a tougher play may choose to lower the payline, but for most of us, this high number is a blessing. Bets are placed in dollars and cents from the minimum 0.99, through to a riskier 495, up to the highest bet playable at 990 credits.

Wagers & pays of note

  • Playing high is good fun for those who like a rush, while lower bets are suited to the more sensible players. Either way, the array of options to bet means game play is adjustable to any gamblers desires, a brilliant feature of the simulation.
  • The Quick Play option further adds adjust ability to the game, with players being able to play either 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 plays with one click of the button, a useful option for those who might like the game going on in the background during other online activity.
  • Payouts come fairly often when playing at a 99 payline, and can vary in smaller amounts that assist in keeping the play going, to bigger numbers that are sure to shake the game up.
  • The character of Rocket Man will score you the highest, from 50 to 5000 credits should you be lucky enough to land him 5 times on a screen.
  • The other characters from the film, symbolized in stylish cartoon fashion, will score from 20 to 1000 credits, a steady amount of payout to keep the game going. Smaller symbols such as cash, gold, and diamonds, will score slightly lower payouts from 5 when three are on screen to 100 when five are shown.
  • All players are certain to gain at least some payout should they bet their credits smartly, and those luckier gamblers can see some serious credits going into their balance when the higher, more generous numbers are spun.

Wilds & bonus explained

  • Wild Cards are hard to come by, but when encountered they can lead to serious payouts. Depending on where one lands on a reel, Wild Cards substitute other symbols, leading to more patterns and subsequently more, or more profitable, wins.
  • Rocket Man’ does not have too many bonus features or mini-games, but it is still enjoyable to play, especially when adjusting pay lines or bets, leading to varied styles of game play and amounts of payout, as well as different combinations of symbols causing different events.

Summary Rocketman pokies

Rocket Man’ is an entertaining, easy to play online pokie machine game, enjoyable for enthusiasts and for first-time players. Fans of the film will definitely appreciate the references, while others will still enjoy the science fiction theme as they spin their way towards big payouts fingers crossed 🙂

Rocketman slots bonus win preview