Wheel of Fortune on Tour Slots by IGT

Take a tour to iconic sites in America in IGT’s gripping game, Wheel of Fortune on Tour. This Americana-themed game has 5 reels and 30 paylines.

Free IGT Wheel of Fortune on Tour Slots

The game has a unique leveling-up feature that gives you a chance to win numerous prizes as you move on to the next level in sequence.


  • Some of the symbols in the game include Hollywood, the Wheel of Fortune Logo, New York, Mount Rushmore and White House.
  • The Wheel of Fortune Logo is Wild and can be substituted with all symbols in the game except for the Bonus Bus Symbol.
  • The Winnebago Symbol is a non-activating bonus symbol. This symbol awards you with 1 fuel point. Ten fuel points are required to fill a single tank.

Leveling-Up Feature

The game has a fuel gauge at the bottom of the screen. Every time a Bus Scatter Symbol shows up on reels 1, 3, or 5, there will be an increase in your fuel gauge. You can only level up after filling 5 fuel tanks. As soon as you finish the five tanks, the Tour Bonus feature is triggered.

During your tour, you will win various features and prizes. The game enables you to go for a tour on the map screen. As you unlock each step, there is an increase in payouts and bonuses.

The game has various levels that you will need to unlock.

  • In level 1, you will be awarded 3 free spins. In this level, you will also get new wilds. These wilds are added to your reels after every spin you make. After traveling 5 miles, you will proceed to level two.
  • In level 2, the payout amount on your Bonus Wheel goes up.
  • In level 3, when you travel 13 miles, you will move to the third level. This level awards you with Letter Board Picker on your Bonus Wheel. In order to win multipliers and prizes in level 3, you will be required to select a series of letters.
  • In level 4, you will get an additional spin on the Bonus Wheel. The fourth level can only be unlocked after traveling for 25 miles. You will also win a multiplier of 5 times of your money. When you complete 45 miles on the tour, you will move to level 5.
  • In level 5, the game unlocks a feature called Spin to Win. In this level, you can either accept the initial prize that is offered, or you can spin again five times to get better prizes.
  • Level 6 unlocks the base game feature. You will reach this level after traveling 80 miles.
  • You just need to get 1 scatter and this will trigger the Bonus Wheel. The Wheelmobile Wild is triggered during the base game feature.
  • The Wild is triggered when scatter symbols show up on reels 2, 3, 4, or 5. After a spin, you will see a bus crossing the screen.
  • You will be awarded between two to four additional wilds.
  • The last level can be unlocked after you’ve completed the 150 miles tours. In this level, the game will become much easier to play.

Bonus Wheel Explained

Free Spins and Multipliers

The Wheel of Fortune on Tour Game has a free spin feature that triggers symbols to be Wild. Each free spin substitutes a random symbol with a Wild. There are three free spins, which translates to three additional wild symbols.

The game also has a multiplier that is set at 1x. As you level up, the multiplier increases. For instance, in the Letter Board Picker level, the multiplier can go up to 5 times while in the Spin to Win Bonus you can win awards between 30 and 400 times your bet.


Wheel of Fortune on Tour Game enables you to live the American dream by giving you a chance to explore various sites in the country while winning yourself some awesome prizes. The great features of the game make it more enjoyable to play.

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