Paihia Ex-Servicemen’s Club Guide

Paihia Ex-Servicemen’s Club is a welcoming establishment which is ready to cater to members, guests, affiliated members and prospective ones in their premises. Located at 159, Paihia, the club is situated in one of the most beautiful attractions in the South Pacific. Hordes of tourists visit Paihia to play in the sun, swim in the warm ocean, fish and have fun.

Known to many simply as the friendly club in the North, this venue extends hospitality to those visiting this desirable attraction on weekends or business days. The club has a spacious and capable restaurant which provides an extensive menu designed to satisfy all palates. There is also a section where you can have a refreshing drink as well as a collection of other leisure amenities. Discover more about the club below.

Menu, Pokies & About the Paihia Ex-Servicemen’s Club

Guests and members can enjoy a bite at the Legends Restaurant located in Paihia Ex-Servicemen’s Club. Here, guests can scour the menu for entrées, light meals, mains, local delicacies and dessert. Within these sections, you can order dishes such as kokoda which a delish raw fish meal, sticky chicken wings, the gammon steak, grilled haloumi salad and steamed mussels. You can also enjoy some extras such as sauces and plates of fries.

The Legends Restaurant opens at 5.00pm every day. Moreover, a bistro menu is available from 3.15 pm daily as well. This eatery features food such as the clarry platter, mini hotdogs, garlic bread and nachos. After the restaurant closes, you can order specific dishes at the bar. They are frozen and stored and are just microwaved back into life. They include the quiche, a great lasagne as well as the  world famous macaroni and cheese. All dishes are affordable for all guests. If you would like to take your meal home, the hotel facilitates takeaways also.

Menu Sample – Try the delish Kokoda

Games and social activities 

Members and guests can stay occupied by playing games and engaging in some social activities. Some of those on offer include darts, snooker and billiards. They can also enjoy bowls, 8-ball and cards. The club members often engage in inter-club competitions involving these sports. The winners’ names are posted in the club’s website. Every sport or social activity has a special day when it is held. Furthermore, each has an administrator in charge who enlists interested club members who want to join in the fun.

Best local pokies machines in Paihia

If you fancy a little pokies action while in the Paihia area you can check out the gaming lounge at the Paihia Ex-Servicemen’s Club. They have nine of the luckiest poker machines in the district.

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Paihia Ex-Servicemen’s Club welcomes all to join their ranks. As long as you are over the age of 18, you can apply and join the club. The process requires that you download an application form from their main website. After that, fill it in and submit it. Every applicant needs to get support from a seconder and a nominator. The membership fee is $40.00 annually. The club’s year runs from 1st April to 31st March.


Paihia Ex-Servicemen’s Club thrives on the spirit of friendship and togetherness. The venue is situated in a picturesque location. The membership process is straightforward and the club is affiliated with Clubs New Zealand (Inc). As such, its members can enjoy reciprocal rights when visiting other clubs. Much more is contained in their website. Special questions or concerns can be answered by calling 09 402 8010 or sending an email to [email protected].

Opening hours

The club opens on Saturday from 12.00pm.

On every other day of the week, it opens up at 3.00pm.

The office is open from normally 10.00am on Monday to Friday.


Phone 09 402 8010


Map and address

Paihia Ex-Servicemens Association
Joyces Rd, Paihia 0200, New Zealand

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