The CBK – Craft Bars & Kitchens Review

The Craft Bars & Kitchens are great value venues in New Zealand for a drink or eats. They have outlets in different cities which provide a welcoming ambiance for customers. They are located in the cities of Kaiapoi, Paihia, Dunedin, Rotorua, Masterton and Tauranga thus far. Each outlet serves some of the tastiest craft beers and ciders in New Zealand plus the Kaiapoi location has some awesome pokies machines available.

They also have a variety of meals which you can enjoy with different menus by location. Always lively and decked out with cozy furniture, the venues are unpretentious and provide amenities where you can enjoy some wining and dining in a great atmosphere.

The staff strives to deliver excellent service, delicious food and chilled, tasty drinks. Everything is tailored to ensure a personal, satisfying experience for the guests who walk through their doors. Read on to find out more about the establishments and what they have to offer.

About, Menus & Pokies @ Craft Bars & Kitchens (CBK)

At the Craft Bar & Kitchen chain of outlets, you can find a total of 60 beer brands and flavorful Stonegrill dining. Each branch provides unforgettable dining experiences and ample refreshments. They strive to turn visitors into regulars.

In these eclectic venues, the chefs make use of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to prepare every meal. In addition to that, they strive to showcase seasonal stars. Always making an effort to be unique, the chefs also apply creativity in their classic cooking.

In the Craft Bar & Kitchen, there are meals which are smoked before serving. The menu is extensive and contains dishes which enjoy mass appeal among devoted regulars. Examples of these are smoked meat, decadent burgers, tantalizing steaks and memorable small plates.

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Smoked meat heaven

Smoked meats are some of the culinary highlights in this establishment. At the Craft Bar & Kitchen, there is a smoking room. Simply known as the smokers, it prepares meats for the guests throughout the day. The smoked meats here are famous for their appetizing taste. They have this quality due to a number of special methods used in the process.

First and foremost, the meat is sourced from free range, grass-fed animals. All the cuts are strategically chosen so as to deliver the juiciest sections to your plate. Secondly, every cut goes through a process known as the rub. This is where the meat is massaged with a unique blend of spices and herbs which infuses flavors that can only be found in this establishment.

Last but not least, the venue uses flavorful wood to smoke the meat. For this purpose, they utilize wood from the Apple, Maple or Hickory trees. This infuses a sweet taste into your meat that you will never forget.

Stonegrill Menu Sample

60 beer brands 🙂 Happy day’s & night’s

Whenever you walk into any of the outlets in the Craft Bar & Kitchen chain, you can never miss out on your favorite tipple. The bartenders stock only the best craft beers from various parts of the country. Patrons have repeatedly mentioned that some of their favorite brands are Good George, Panhead, Moa, Tuatara, Mata and Stoke. These are just some of the many brands which are available for guests.

To keep things fresh and vibrant, the selection of beers keeps changing. Despite this effort, the management always maintains an authentically Kiwi selection. The Craft Bar & Kitchen outlets also stock a collection of wines, spirits, cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages as well. Should you want to know which drink best complements your meal, simply enquire with the friendly staff. They specialize in facilitating creative pairings.

Dining amenities

The Craft Bar & Kitchen outlets have extensive menus. They have sections such as Breakfast, Mains, Street Food, Kids meals, Sweets and Salads. Within these categories, you can find dishes such as Eggs Benedict, Waffles With Summer Berries, Smoked Salmon Dip and Bay Oysters. Other sumptuous dishes include the delish Smoked Chicken Pesto, Prime Rib Eye Surf and Turf as well as the House-Smoked King Salmon.

You can enjoy quick bites such as the Flat Iron Chicken Burger and the signature Pure Craft Burger. Furthermore, the venues serve salads such as the Summer Caesar Salad, New Zealand Lamb Salad and the must try Pear and Walnut Salad. To end your dining experience on a sweet note, the outlets also serve desserts such as Ice Cream Sundaes, Caramelized Apple & Berry Crumble and the Skillet Cookie which is yummy.

Must Try ! – Burger Menu Sample

Stonegrill cooking

When it comes to unique culinary experiences, few can match Stonegrill cooking. It preserves the flavor of your meals and provides an exquisite culinary journey. At the Craft Bar & Kitchen outlets, the chefs prepare steaks according to a series of steps. The meat is first cold-smoked and then served on a sizzling Stonegrill which is an experience in itself.

Reaching roaring temperatures of 400 °C, the volcanic stones used in Stonegrill cooking are guaranteed to cook your food thoroughly. Different from any other food preparation style you may have sampled, Stonegrill cooking sears your cuts of meat and locks in the flavorful juices. This results in tender, delicious steaks and the cook gets a break.

The meat is delivered to your table on a volcanic stone. This gives you an opportunity to enjoy the full authenticity of the meal. Stonegrill dining is healthy and fun. That’s because the chefs trim off most of the fat before preparing the meat for you to cook. Furthermore, no oils are added to prepare the food. As such, the meat cooks in its own juices resulting in a delectable dish.

Heritage of the venues

When creating the original Craft Bar & Kitchen outlet, the founders relied on their love for the heritage of New Zealand. They desired to create an establishment where guests could relax and still enjoy high quality dishes and beverages. The venue is ideal for families, tourists, sports teams, business groups and romantic dates.

Nothing brings the staff and management more joy than seeing the elderly guests bring their younger generations to the establishments and express nostalgia for the scenes depicted in the black and white pictures adorning the walls. Comfort and serenity are catered for in this chain of culinary outlets. Every day, the staff strives to create an atmosphere that is memorable, lively and cozy as well. Furthermore, the impeccable service and variety of amenities are qualities that the management holds dear.

Pokies available at Craft Bar & Kitchen venues

The only venue of Craft Bar & Kitchen that has pokies is the Kaiapoi location and they have about 9 popular slot machines.


Serving passionately prepared food, drink and entertainment, the Craft Bar & Kitchen outlets are truly a rewarding place to be. Those who enjoy beer can order their favorite one from a collection of over 60 beer brands. Furthermore, the meats here can be Stonegrilled for your enjoyment if that’s your thing. There are many other dishes available in this venue all at really cracker prices and they are highly rated on Tripadvisor. Their website contains pictures and media that reveals the venue in more details.

Opening hours

The majority of the venues are open 7 days from early to late, some locations may close on Monday’s so check their website for info.



Rotorua 07 347 2700

Kaiapoi 03 327 9224

Dunedin  03 479 0010

Paihia  09 402 8526

Tauranga 07 578 4700

Masterton 06 377 7001.

Map and address

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